Need advice? taking chicks from mother?


11 Years
Jun 29, 2008
sevier valley,utah
I have a broody RIR that was sitting i candled them and she had 3 out of 10 good ones. Well after i figured she was broody i Found a friend that gave me some banty eggs so i decided to put those under her and a few others and wait the 7 days to see if they were started then take the others 3 eggs away if they where. well i went out to candle them since its been 8 days and to my surprise, there was a hatched chick,( i guess they were farther then i thought i didn't know when she started sitting and couldn't get a good candle on them)candled the other eggs that i set a week ago and the batman eggs are developing, SO question is what can i do? if i take the babys away and put them in a brooder will she keep sitting on the rest of the eggs? or will she start looking for them?could i re introduce the 3 hatchlings back to her in 2 1/2 weeks when the others hatch. or should i leave the 3 babys with her and throw out the rest of the eggs, but i really want these 2 bantys. Help i need advice. As of last night she had one hatchling and there should be three, she is still sitting on the eggs. what do i do?

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