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7 Years
Nov 22, 2014
My friend gave me a 6 month old mottled Orpington hen. She was injured and has lost sight in her left eye. It has since healed, but she cannot see out of it. We have a 6 ft. wood fence around our property. We live in the city limits and are not zoned for chickens, so I have made a pet out of her and I'm hoping not to get bothered by the City for having her.
Anyway, we made a place for her on the east side of the house, and put up a 4 ft gate and fence. She has free run of the yard when I'm home, but when I need to go somewhere, I put her in the sideyard.
Last evening, I went out to get her to put her up in her coop and she was on the table on my patio. Somehow she had flown over the gate or fence and then flew up onto the table. My fear is she will get enough height and fly over the wood fence and be free. am I going to advertise "I lost my chicken"? If the wrong person picks her up, she will be taken away somewhere.
Should I clip her wing? Which one should I clip. The side with the "good eye" or the other side?
I watched some YouTube videos on how to clip the wing, and it looks fairly easy.
What advice can you give me?
she came from a farm and the flock nearly killed her. they were picking on her so bad, she couldn't eat or drink water and they kept pecking her. she had to be brought in side to rehabilitate. I spend as much time with her as I can. She loves to be by me and sit in my lap. I watched her last night when it was starting to get dark and she jumped up on the fence to get out of the sideyard area. she was nervous, I think, because it was getting dark and she needed to get to her coop, which is on the other side of the gate. I just hope during the day she doesn't fly out when I'm not home.
do you think if I got a younger chicken, they wouldn't pick on her? i guess the others at the farm knew she wasn't 100%healthy and tried to take her out.
It is not uncommon for animals to pick on ones that are weak or sick. I do agree with others this really seems to me like this isn't a good idea and its only a matter of time before someone complains and you have to get rid of the chicken. Every person I've ever known that got chickens in a place they're not allowed has had to get rid of them after a while due to neighbors complaining.

Chickens are flock animals and she will be happier with friends. You really do not have the means to even keep her so I wouldn't add more. I'd find her someone with other chickens that will integrate her slowly to their flock. Not only are you risking losing the chicken and needing to look for her but its also super dangerous to her to be going into other peoples yards and such. Most nonfarm dogs are NOT chicken friendly and will kill her
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