Need advise please


6 Years
Jul 6, 2013
West Fork Arkansas
I have a less than a yr old Runner that that suddenly this week loosing weight and can't walk but a couple steps then falls foward. Will eat and drink only if you put her in her pool and eats by hand great. She moves around throughout the day by her wings mostly. Been like this for 3 days now. Really concerned cause no vets around close here take on birds of any kinds. Checked her feet and see no problems that I can tell. Has anyone ran into this before?
I just finished a long day - sorry it took so long, but I was not near a computer. I don't want to worry you unnecessarily, but ducks hide illness, and she may be in serious trouble.

Has she laid any eggs? Who else is in the flock?

I would get her into sick bay - some place I can check frequently, where she is confined, safe, on clean bedding, with fresh water and food.

There are a number of things that could be happening. Injury, infection, parasites, egg yolk peritonitis.

I would:
-give her a lukewarm bath deep enough to float in and observe closely, to look for clues. Her breathing, how she moves, any odd odors.
-put a teaspoon of charcoal per pint of water in her drinking water for a few nights.
-get a poultry vitamin with electrolytes and probiotics into her daytime water for a day or two.
-get antibiotic, like Duramycin or Tylan. I know for my runners, when the vet found a suspicious looking microbe in a fecal sample, we gave them 1/4 teaspoon of Tylan powder per liter of water in their nighttime drinking water for seven days (couldn't eat the eggs for ten days). I think it was Tylan50. From another thread, someone recommended (for possible spread of infection from bumblefoot to the rest of the body) Duramycin-10 at 1/2 tbls. per gallon for 7-10 days.
-give her treats or whatever she will eat, as frequently as you can.
-let her know she is loved
-bring in a buddy if she is very anxious about being alone, but be careful with the antibiotic, then, that's a wrinkle to think through

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