Need Black Bean Soup Recipe

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  1. PurpleChicken

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    Apr 6, 2007
    My wife asked me to make some. I was gonna look online but figured
    someone here had to have an AWESOME recipe they would share with me.

  2. cknmom

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Dickson TN
    Purple- This is the one I always use-I love it!

    Black Bean Soup

    8 oz. dried black beans
    5 C. cold water
    2 bay leaves
    3T. lard or oil
    1/2C. chopped onion
    1 clove garlic
    1 lg. tomato, peeled, seeded, chopped
    3/4-1 t. salt
    1/2 t. oreano
    1/8-1/4 t. ground dried pequin chili (or just chili powder)
    Thinly sliced fresh jalapeno chilies
    sliced green onions
    lime wedges

    Rinse beans, pick through under running water. Combine beans, water and bay leaves in 3-4 qt. heavy saucepan. Heat over high heat to boiling; immediately reduce heat to very low. Simmer, covered, just until beans are tender but not soft, 1 1/2-2 hrs.

    Heat oil in medium skillet over high heat until hot. Add onion and garlic; saute until soft, about 4 min. Add tomato, salt, oregano, and chili powder; cook and stir over medium- high heat until mixture is almost dry, about 5min.

    Add tomato mixture to beans, simmer, covered, stirring occasionally, until beans are soft, about 30 min. Remove and discard bay leaves.

    Press soup mixture a few times witha bean masher or potato masher to very roughly mash beans.

    Serve soup, garnished with jalapenos, green onions, accompanied by lime wedges. Makes 4-5 Servings

    I chang amounts to suit my likings and garnish also with cheese. And of course have a good mexican beer or marg with it.

    Enjoy!!( now I want some, and me with no black beans at the moment!)

  3. PurpleChicken

    PurpleChicken Tolerated.....Mostly

    Apr 6, 2007
    Quote:YUM!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I'm gonna try it today!!!
    MMMM the Marguerita Idea is GREAT TOO!!!! IT'S SATURDAY!!! [​IMG]

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