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    Aug 11, 2008
    We let a hen sit on eggs in the chicken house... I know, it's not a good idea. So, we had chicks due as much as a week apart because of the other hens laying in her nest when she was off getting a bite to eat. I carefully moved the hen to her own little house when the first two chicks started to hatch.

    Everything was fine, but I knew that she was going to leave her other eggs when the chicks started to get active. So, I fired up the incu. It stayed steady at 100 degrees overnight and most of the morning. Finally after checking on my hen every five minutes, I knew she wasn't going to get back on and three of the eggs were chirping, two of those were hatching. For three hours everything was great... then over dinner the incu spiked at 120 degrees and they all died. What happened? I did the failure clutch egg check and out of all of the eight eggs, all but one were healthy looking, most just about ready to hatch.

    Not only am I depressed at the loss of the adorable chicks, but now I'm worried about my incubator! Does the Little Giant incu normally do that? It's forced air. What caused such a rapid increase in temp after staying steady for over 18 hours? It's a learning experience that I'd prefer not to ever repeat.

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    When the little guys start hatching, they generate a lot of heat, so you have to keep an eye on temperature more.

    I'm sorry you lost them. You did your best. Enjoy the little ones that you do have. It is fun to watch them learn from their mommas.
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    sorry for your lose
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    Aug 11, 2008
    Thanks for the advice and consolation... I just read the same thing in a book about the temp rising due to all of the activity. This time I'll be grateful and next time I'll do better! [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry. [​IMG]

    You might try this next time.

    Take the chicks as they hatch and put them in a brooder under a light with food/water.

    When your last chick(s) hatch out, return the chicks you pulled to the nest if you want the Hen to raise them.

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    yes the lil giants are known for that we used one for many years and did all kinds of things to make it stay on temp. but it was a constant problem they are better than nothing but not the best or even near by any means. the electronic thermostats tend to bounce around when there are any type of power fluctuations or anything room temp plays a huge role because they are even thinner i think than other Styrofoam bators. we finally spent the money and bought a hova-bator genesis 1588. and im so glad we did it is great so far. hope this helps answer ur ? and [​IMG]
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    I had the same problem with my hens laying eggs on top of setting eggs. I took a red marker and marked an "x" on the small end of each egg to be hatched. Then at the end of every day I would fo out and lift the hen up and get any fresh eggs out from under her.

    I am really sorry this happened. You tried your best and it's that stupid bator's fault. I would junk the bator and just let the hens do the work with your new marking method.
    Have fun with your new babies.
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    alot of mine insist on setting in the chicken house,too and I mark their eggs and remove newly layed eggs daily. It helps if you move her to a nest that the hens don't seem to like and also write the hatch date on the eggs to keep up with it. I don't like to let them set on eggs that are due several days apart,but if you do,remember the chicks will be o.k. for a couple of days in the nest with the hen and the unhatched eggs. if it's going to be for longer than that, I would consider removing the chicks and hand raising them for a few days and then give them back to the hen once her clutch is hatched. She should accept them with no problem, and if she doesn't,the worse thing is you have to raise them,but you have live chicks. Don't be hard on yourself. You did what you thought was best.

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