Need Electric Poultry Netting Help


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
So I'm looking to buy the PermaNet from Premier. Most likely two 100' sections to start with, then possibly increase that to 3 or 4 sections, depending on how it goes. The idea is for our 16 chickens to have as close to free range as possible when we're not at home (will install an automatic door on the coop to let them into the electric net area during the day, but when we're home on the weekends we'll probably open it up and let them have full range of the property to help with insect and weed control.)

So I'm stuck on figuring out a charger for the fence.

I can run power from the house via the outlet on our covered porch, which is only about 50 feet from the coop area. So an AC DC charger is fine.

How many joules do I want? Let's say I leave it at 200' of netting and I don't want to blast my 7 year old's fingers off if she accidentally touches the net (I'm exaggerating, but I seriously don't want any kids to get hurt). But it also needs to be adequate predator control for up to 400' of netting in case we increase the area over time.

I was initially looking at the 1 joule Speedrite charger, but I wonder if I should go with the 2 joule model instead? Will 2 joules be too much for 200' though?

Help! I did call Premier and they thought the 1 joule charger would be sufficient. But I'm not sure...

We do lose power once or twice a year in the winter, but the plan is to get a battery as well and I can always switch it over if an extended blackout occurs.

And I'm in WA state, so it's wet most of the year, and when it's dry we have the sprinklers going so the ground is still always pretty damp.

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