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    I am working with our area commissioner to write a new chicken ordinance. I would like some examples so we don't have to start from scratch. Let me know what cities/towns have good laws about chickens.

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    Here's the link to the Animal Control Bylaws for my town. Check out Schedule C- Permitted Animals on Lands Which are not Farms for the part about chickens in town limits.
    The amount of chickens allowed is determined by the size of your lot. I understand quite a few municipalities use a similar system.
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    Here is one from my city. I think it is a good compromise overall:
    . 4-117. Sale of chickens and ducklings; quantity restricted; keeping of chickens.

    (a) Chickens or ducklings younger than eight (8) weeks of age may not be sold in quantities of less than six (6) to a single purchaser.

    (b) Except in those zone districts where the keeping of farm animals (as the term is defined in Section 5.1.2 of the Land Use Code) is allowed, the keeping of chicken roosters or more than six (6) chicken hens is prohibited. However, up to six (6) chicken hens may be kept per parcel of property, subject to the following requirements and subject to all other applicable provisions of this Chapter:

    (1) If a parcel has more than one (1) dwelling unit, all adult residents and the owner(s) of the parcel must consent in writing to allowing the chicken hens on the property;

    (2) Any person keeping chicken hens pursuant to this provision must first have been issued a permit by the Larimer Humane Society and have received such information or training pertaining to the keeping of chicken hens as the director of said agency deems appropriate;

    (3) The chicken hens must be provided with a covered, predator-resistant chicken house that is properly ventilated, designed to be easily accessed, cleaned and maintained, and at least two (2) square feet per chicken in size;

    (4) During daylight hours, the chicken hens must have access to the chicken house and also have access to an outdoor enclosure that is adequately fenced to protect them from predators;

    (5) The chicken hens must be further protected from predators by being closed in the chicken house from dusk to dawn;

    (6) Neither the chicken house nor the outdoor enclosure may be located less than fifteen (15) feet from any abutting property line unless the owner or keeper of the chicken hens obtains the written consent of the owner(s) of all abutting properties to which the enclosure is proposed to be more closely located; in which event, the agreed-upon location shall then be deemed acceptable not-withstanding any subsequent change in ownership of such abutting property or properties;

    (7) The chicken hens must be sheltered or confined in such fashion as to prevent them from coming into contact with wild ducks or geese or their excrement; and

    (8) The chicken hens may not be killed by or at the direction of the owner or keeper thereof except pursuant to the lawful order of state or county health officials, or for the purpose of euthanasia when surrendered to a licensed veterinarian or the Humane Society for such purpose, or as oth-erwise expressly permitted by law.

    (Ord. No. 160, 1986, § 1(35-24), 11-4-86; Ord. No. 73, 1990, § 1, 7-17-90; Ord. No. 072, 2008, § 2, 9-2-08)

    I would change part a, which everyone ignores anyway. If you have 4 hens and want to get 2 more as chicks, you would have to buy 6 chicks then find homes for 4 of them when they get old enough to be considered hens.
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    Quote:You know I think this would be more work. But I think you should consider making the city laws specific to your city. I kinda get the feeling this is how the blanket ban of chickens got so far. Noone took the time to realize the particulars of the law and just issued the same law over and over without research in regards how it really effects the actual people that live there.

    That is just my thoughts on it. Good luck.
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