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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Chicken Ma, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    I have 11 bantam hens and 6 bantam roosters. Have tried to find homes for the roos, to no avail and I just cannot bring myself to put them down. So, I have two roos each (they get along, but only with one another) in one cage, two others that get along in another, and the third pair that get along in with the hens. I rotate them.

    Right now one of the hens (the biggest - a white crested black Polish) is quite badly pecked on her back, so guess she's the female of choice. So I have ALL the roosters in separate pens.

    This is my question(s):

    1. Am I being mean keeping the roos separated from the hens?

    2. Should I divide the hens up with the roosters? (Or are there too many roosters for the number of hens?)

    3. Would it be more humane if I just get someone to put the roosters down?

    4. Does anyone know of a place that would take them? I heard of a man in Mendocino who had only roosters on his property, but could not locate him. I have one white crested black Polish, one red Frizzle, two Old English, and two mixes of Old English and Silver Sebring. All are really beautiful.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Sorry I don't know of any place close to you but you could try on craigslist.

    You are not being mean to the roos. Your girls need a break if they are getting beat up.. You do NOT need any roos unless you want fertile eggs.. I have been w/ out a roo for a yr now and my girls are happy, healthy and look beautiful... I started getting more eggs two days after he 'left'--they started flocking together more and I don't hear that blood curdling squawk every two minutes --my girls scratch and coo and cluck and are very sweet...

    I would say get rid of all of them Unless you want chicks and then I would keep one --you will have to choose your favorite-- it might be the nicest one, it might be your favorite breed, or even the one who brings the best 'eye' candy to the flock...
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    I posted my roos on craigslist for free they went to a really good home on 20acres and not to be eaten and the family is going to take my last LF Brahma roo and 2 almost POL hens....But I don't think your being mean if what your doing works for you as long as the roo's aren't by just themselves rotating seems like a smart thing to do....I know some people who keep their extra roo seperate and rotate him in

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