Need Gosling help - first timer


Feb 6, 2015

Hi, this is my first post on BYC, so hopefully I get this right! I need some help with two goslings I just purchased on Sunday, as I am a first time goose Mom here. I was told they are three months old and they are a mixed breed of Toulouse and Brown Chinese. Can anyone answer the following questions for me:
1. does the age seem right given the pics?
2. any ideas on what breed they are? I don't know if what I was told is accurate.
3. what should I be feeding them now?

I have had chickens for a few years now, but I bought my first ducks, 3 Welsh Harlequins about a month ago and was told they were three weeks old at the time. This Sunday I bought a supposedly three month old Pekin along with the two goslings. I have read very mixed reports on what I should be feeding my ducks, (the level of protein in the crumble) and I am assuming the same is going to apply to the geese. They are all housed together, so they need to be eating the same feed. I am currently giving them 20% protein starter/grower from Tractor Supply, based on what the back of the bag says to feed them at what age. Recap: Three Welsh Harlequins almost seven weeks old, Pekin female 9 weeks old and two goslings 9 weeks old (I think).

I just did research on here last night for the gosling drool issue as I already noticed that and was concerned their was something wrong with them. Thank you to all those out there who are willing to share their knowledge!! I would love any suggestions or insights so I don't make any horrible mistakes with my babies. Thank you in advance!!

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