Need help adding one more roost and dropping boards

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    I would like to add one more roosts to my coop. Right now the roost run along the top of the coop. Some how I have ended up with my daughters hens, 5 of them so I need to put another roost in. I am thinking of putting a dropping board along the back roost and add the other roost under that. My coop is pretty small 6x6x6. If anyone has suggestions for reworking the roosts let me know. They are pretty happy with it and don't fight. I also need to place the food which is my most difficult decision.


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    Mar 31, 2009
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    i used an old ladder for my roosts. i figure that they can get around each other if i leave the rungs of the ladder and more roost space. on my dropping board i used some tin under the roosts with a 2 by 2 frame with chicken wire suspended above it. it keeps the bird out of their own mess. i'd post pics by i'm a little technically challenged.
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    So, do I have this correct, you have 11 hens and will be adding 5 more for a total of 16? That would require something on the order of 11-16' of roost length, total.

    If you had just a couple less birds I'd say 'hey, just run a roost along two walls, in an L shape, and there ya go, almost 12' of roost' but you may want a bit more space for them to work out their social issues. Maybe run along all 3 walls? I dunno.

    A ladder style roost would work if you had 4-5 tiers each 3' long, but I am not sure you really have room for that.

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