Need help ASAP! Chick is throwing up!!


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6 Years
Apr 5, 2013
I've got two chicks that are about two weeks old. Two nights ago they had impacted crop. Took away all food and they've only had water since then, Gave them olive oil, massage, got their crops to go down mostly. I quit working on them because they weren't putting up with treatments well. Gave them more olive oil last night. This afternoon their crops were completely gone down but when I picked one of them it started throwing up clear goo.
Picked her by her back legs and massaged her crop and she threw up a little bit more, still clear. This afternoon they started getting water with probiotics, vitamins, and electrolytes in it. I had not noticed a sour s,ell coming from her mouth.

Any clue as to why she is throwing up clear goo?? What do I need to do next? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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