Need help, baby chick can't stand


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May 17, 2009
I have a day-old baby chick that is unable to stand. Her legs are good and move, but she cannot get them underneath her. She tries to move and just spins around. What should I do?? She is so precious and is at present about 36 hours old. Thanks so much
What kind of chick do you have?
Do you notice anything wrong with the neck-is it at an odd angle?
Sounds like Spraddle Leg that I hear of!

I haven't a chick with in, in fact I'm not even supposed to have chicks til this week, but do a search on it and you might find some remedies for it! I heard one about something with band-aids, but I forgot where it was.

Hopefully someone either confirms or denies my guess, and hope everything goes well there!<3
She is a silkie. No, she has no other problems. She gets her legs under herself at times, but then she tries to walk, and they sort of splay out from under her. Thanks for any help.
What kind of bedding do you have her on? I put mine on sawdust. Some friends of mine use hay or straw. Hope she gets better soon.

She is on shavings, but the problem was noticeable even when she was still in the incubator. She is so cute.
Well, I did a search on splayed legs, and that is definitely the problem. She is exhausting herself in struggling to stand. I tried the Band-aid thing, but she couldn't stand up. I don't have anybody to help me. So, I tried a piece of yarn, flipped her on her back and held her while tying it. I am exhausted!! She is SO precious. Anyway, I am letting her rest. Does anybody know how long it will take her to adjust and be able to stand? I may have to tie it a little tighter, but I was afraid to work on her any more until she rests. I hope she makes it... Thank you all for your advice.
Just in case it's not splay leg, please research wry neck.
I could very well be wrong, but the reason I asked what breed she was is because Silkies are prone to wry neck. My sister had 3 out of 10 Silkies hatch with wry neck.
I hope you can help her out!

Good luck.
I wouldn't panic if you look at my post in caring for chicks title " Head over heels chick" a couple of days ago.
My silkie chick at 1 day old span round in circles via her wings as she was just too wobbly on her legs... I tried pipe cleanering her legs incase it was splayed leg and she screamed the house down flipped on her back and refused to get up, so i took it off.
.....2 days later with no intervention she is on her feet and running around like a nutter.
What was the hatch like she may just be exhausted from it? Giver her a day or two before you panic

Best of luck to you and the little one.

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