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Aug 13, 2019
so i have been raising my buff orpington chickens since april 2018 when they were only 2 weeks old . they have been doing great up until about one month ago . they will NOT eat their layer feed anymore . i have always been feeding them HIGHLAND NATURALS egg layer crumbles . I was no longer able to get them that particular feed so I switched over to KALMBACHS egg layer crumbles . they ate that a few days and stopped eating it . so then I tried PURINA LAYENA CRUMBLES PREMIUM LAYER FEED ..... wont even go near it . so , now i got all of this chicken layer feed and they wont eat any of it . it is now going on 4 weeks . i talked to a vet . he has no clue . he suggested making my own feed . i have tried ALOT of different * people food * all that they really like is bananas and oatmeal mixed together . they LOVE dried mealworms . omg its their favorite . so , to end this book . i will say ..... they are drinking water ..... they are very active . they are loosing their feathers because i know their diet is bad and they are not laying eggs like they should be . i am at a total loss . i have tried to SO MANY things and I disappointed in myself and the entire situation with the chickens needless to say i am worried . can anyone please help me !!!
they are loosing their feathers because i know their diet is bad
They may be losing feathers because they are molting...'tis the season!
I'd pick one feed and leave it there, stop the treats(except the mealworms every other day) and people food, they get hungry enough they'll eat it.

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