Need help confirming (or debunking?) the breed of a rooster

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by FlyWheel, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Last April I picked up what were supposedly 7 Easter Egger pullets. However I know nothing is infallible, so when I realized that one of the pullets was actually a cockerel, no big deal; a cock with a blue egg gene would be good for breeding more EE chicks anyway, as it would increase the chances of passing it along. However, a week or so ago some folks here pointed out there was a good chance that one of the 'EEs' was actually a Black Australorp, which probably got misplaced into the EE bin by a former customer, Again, no big deal (they are good layers). However now it has me wondering if maybe the 'Roo may also be a 'stowaway'!

    It is certainly bigger than the others, and while he does have the slate-greenish leg coloring, there is no sign of a beard or muffs and the comb isn't exactly a pea comb either. IOW, he does not bear a particularly striking resemblance to many of the confirmed Easter Egger roosters I've seen on these boards

    SO Could some of y'all please take a close look at these photos and tell me if 'Chaz' really is an EE? Or is he something else entirely? [​IMG]
    Thanks! [​IMG]





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  2. Cel45

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    I am not sure, I am pretty sure that he won't have a blue egg gene with that comb, I will leave it to the experts.
  3. BantamFan4Life

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Not an EE, because he is lacking a beard and muffs. Probably a mixed breed with some distant relations to EEs.
  4. summerb123

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    Apr 26, 2016
    x2 and looks like it has a game breed in him too
  5. FlyWheel

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    Oh, pooh! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. donrae

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    I'm going to disagree.

    I've seen a lot of clean faced (lacking the beard/muffs) EE on this board the last year or so. Everything else about the bird screams EE to me...the plumage color, the body shape, the leg color, etc. That comb looks like a slightly funky, but still pea comb to me. I'm thinking he has at least one blue egg gene. Sadly, the only way to tell is to test breed and raise up some pullet offspring to point of lay, and that takes so stinkin' long!
  7. MonicainAZ

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    I agree with donrae.
  8. QueenMisha

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    x3... I've handled literally about a thousand EEs and out of them maybe 100-150 were clean faced. From one hatchery, I forget which one, about 80% were clean faced.
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  9. grnidone

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    Could he be a cross of one of those Japanese chickens with the super long tails and the strawberry comb?
  10. FlyWheel

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    OK, this thread has officially taken a turn for the better IMVHO. I do still have my old Production Red and many folks here tell me that the black pullet is an Australorp. so I guess, like everything else with EE's, it going to be "wait and see".[​IMG]

    addendum: And I really do like the way his tail is growing out.
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