need help designing nests for coop free birds


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Sep 30, 2012
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We are getting ready to ditch our coop and leave the chickens out with the Pyrenees in the pasture full time. They will have a little shelter in the trees for roosting, but we are scratching our heads as to how to design a dog-proof nest or egg hutch as we have an egg swiper. Since we need to build something to prevent daily "easter" eggs hunts, might as well make it to keep our dog out while we are at it rather than relying just on retraining him (they are really hard to train.)

What types of things have been previously designed for this so we are not reinventing the wheel? We are considering a low platform to mimic how they hide under our shed with a mister for summer, but of course instead of the shed on top, make the top hinged to open the big box and collect eggs. Underneath will be pop holes for them to easily get in and out, with some cubbies inside to entice them laying there. Top down view, something like this, with the lid hinged for human access? (my ascii art looks bad, it should have straight sides)
_____ ______
| |
|____ _____|
| |
|____ ____|
| |
|____ ____|
| |
|____ ____|

Or is there something else I should consider?
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