need help determing gender


7 Years
Nov 18, 2012
I bought two speckled sussex "hens" from a guy on craigslist.. but im thinking I have at least 1 roo.. they were born on may. Any help would be appreciated as this is all new to me.

Also I was 3 easter eggers at about 5 wks old.. born beginning of july. I will post pics of them also. My guess is I have 1 roo & 2 hens. :p
sorry new to this.. here are pics, hope this works -- these are the easter eggers

and here are the speckled sussex

You're correct on the easter eggers, that barred bird is a rooster. Your speckled sussex are both hens, one is just closer to laying.
this is your only rooster (he is very pretty)
Thanks everyone :) i believe you are correct also.. the barred one, i knew also was a roo & yes i think he is very pretty also.. the 2 in question were the sussex.. i was confused because the size of the crop & wattle.. but this week i have began to get 2 brown eggs everyday.. an those 2 are about 7 months.. while my EE hens are only 5 ( an those would be colorful right?) so i think i also have 2 hens in the sussex..

thanks again

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