Need Help Determining a Color on This Silkie :) NEW Pics!!

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Hello, this chick was hatched a couple months ago. The eggs came from Bobbi Porto. The egg was marked "splash" but, she seems almost all white except for just a couple black spots. There are a couple on her head and a spot on one of her wings and one on her back. I thought the egg may have been mismarked, as she looked all white when born. Would she still be considered a splash?






Thanks for any help
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Would her offspring come out the same? If I get a nice quality splash roo, would it be worth it to breed her? I think she is different, but if she is not going to throw out nice quality babies, she would have to go.
New Pics.. still a washed out splash? Her crest is coming in nicely, but she has that one spot on her head. She is pure white, not a light gray. Thanks
In my understanding with breeding splashes is that they can varry greatly in their coloring. you can have one that is almost solid in the same batch have one with almost no splash. I'd say if the egg was marked splash it's a splash. I had a splash cochin that was almost solid blue! I'd breed heer a couple times to see what she throws before you decide if you want to get rid of her, she's very pretty and looks like a good quality silky!

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