NEED HELP! Egg bound hen with white "yogurt" out of vent (GROSS picture)

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Apr 15, 2012
My 1 y/o SLW had this cottage cheese/yogurt stuff coming out of her vent this morning. She also had what appears to be a prolapse because a big red "ball" was also protruding out. After a warm epsom salt bath for 30 minutes, I applied hemorrhoid cream and neosporin to the site. I also inserted my finger in her vent only about a 1/2 an inch to push the prolapse back in. It immediately looked better. She has been grazing all afternoon, tail up, drinking water and overall acting normal. However, it has been about 5 hours, and more white stuff is coming out. Picture is just a few minutes ago. There also appears to be a black hard knot on her vent (clogged blood - like a human hemorrhoid...?). I cannot find egg shell parts anywhere in the hen house.

Here are my questions:

How far do you insert your finger up the vent to try to find an egg?
How long is this white stuff supposed to last?

I'm wanting to avoid antibiotics if at all possible, but I want to be smart about what to do with her as I don't want her to go septic.

Any ideas or advice appreciated!
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I wouldn't stick your finger in the vent, if you do only a little bit.

You can crush up calcium tablets and feed it to your hen if she is egg bound.

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