Need help finding a good inexpensive chicken genetics book.


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Hoquiam, Wa
I want to start learning about chicken genetics and don't have much money to build my library.

If you could name one book not to miss, what would it be?
Or do you know of a good book that isn't very expensive?
Do you have any books that you would like to part with for a small price and media shipping cost?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Thanks very much for the links. I will have to be at my student best when I try to tackle this I think.

I missed an opportunity that I wish I had pursued. My sister passed away about 10 years ago. She was a geneticist and had taken many classes and had lots of knowledge that I wish I could tap into right now. Just one of many reasons I wish I could talk to her now. Ah well.

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I have a daughter doing a science project that requires 2 book sources. THOSE BOOKS AREN'T CHEAP!

And those that are more affordable are 3-50 years old.
And our local libraries don't carry such an unusual topic

Wiah you lived closer; we could pool our resources and learn together!
Well, let's see. We could meet up in AZ at my other sister's home. I'm sure she wouldn't mind putting us up for about 3 months for a tutorial session. We could just put our feet in her pool and study to our hearts content. Sounds like a great plan for the winter!!!! Of course we would have to take our flocks with us....... I wonder if her housing community has any covenants about that.
(She and her husband think I am crazy with my chickens)
I have family in AZ that think I'm chicken crazy

But I have a daughter in school, so I can't leave town for a few months.
Plus, I have to learn all this so I can help her with her project, due 11/15. So I'm about to take a crash course in chicken genetics. It's something I wanted to learn for myself, I'm just extra inspired since she's doing this project.

We have 13 Lavender d'Uccle eggs in the incubator as part of her experiment, too.

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