Need Help! I just got baby chicks for Easter.


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
We received 2 baby chicks for easter yesterday. And they are red and green. Is there any way we can get the color off of them? And how long will it take for the color to come off if i can't take it off.
That has more to do with the care of the chicks then it does with the dye. Most places use food grade dye now. The problem is when they loose their cute dyed fuzz and start to get feathers in the next two weeks kids tend to loose interest in them. Also, being chilled too long in an Easter basket and trying to eat the fake grass has lead to a lot of harm. Check out the learning center for proper care of chicks and you should be fine. Good luck with your new addictive habit!
Where did you find dyed chicks at these days? Seems to be a "thing from the past".. No way to remove the color, it will disappear as they grow and their feathers come in. Ussually the dying is not harmfull to the chick at all from what I understand. Enjoy the chicks and watch em a lot the first few days, just because they change so much its amazing!
You can't remove the dye anyways, and don't try to remove the dye you might harm them just wait for it to go away and no when people have dyed chicks they do not die quickly. Don't worry, just take good care of them.
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