Need help! Ideas on what is going on with my little one? Anyone have one that been through anything similar..


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Jun 20, 2022


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We have been taking care of this lil one which is about 11 day old duckling .. He doesn’t stand up right and hunches forward and doesn’t walk flat footed . We came home and found him sprawled in our driveway its definitely not what we had expected to come home to . We have brewers yeast coming tomorrow to start and also going to start him on liquid b complex I made a post earlier and got some good advice on starting him on the yeast n liquid b but I was just hoping someone had one that had something similar going on with it before or going through the same thing.
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They do a little bit seems like the left one more then the right he swims great but just doesn’t stand up and walk and when he does it’s like a low crawl
Looks like it might be spraddle leg or niacin deficiency. The B complex and yeast will help. My baby Call was sitting more than usual. I gave him niacinamide directly for a week and switched to a feed specifically for ducks. A week later, he's his usual super-energetic, running all over the place self.

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