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Sep 2, 2011
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Hello! I'm new to chicken ownership, having taken in these birds which were unwanted by their previous owners just last week. I'd been thinking about it for a while, but now here they are!

Anyway, they are about 3 months old and, from the on-line research I've done, they look like they might be Seramas, or maybe bantam-size Dutch, but I can't tell for sure. Can anyone confirm the breed from these photos?



I've ordered one of the A-frame style coops. Hopefully it'll be delivered this week, so they can get out of this temporary enclosure and into their permanent home.

Thanks for any assistance!
Thanks ... I thought about Japanese, too, but the page notes that they have "extremely short" legs, and these birds seem to have normally-proportioned legs.

I also figured it was two hens, two roosters, so I named them accordingly: Left to right in the top photo, they are George, Tammy, Loretta and Conway!

Thanks again for the quick responses,
Many Japanese have a long leg gene- - you just don't show with it.
I think they are pet-quality japanese. Anyway, they are beautifull.
I hope you have lots of fun with them.
Thanks again for all of the answers and being so welcoming!

After a little more research and seeing more photographs with the exact coloring, shape and size as my birds, I think you guys hit it right on the head ... Japanese bantams they are!

Loretta, the dark one who is the largest of them, is a beautiful bird ... when the sun hits her, there's all kinds of blues and grays in her black feathering. She's also the most outgoing of the bunch and the most willing to allow me to get close.

Now if I could just get the beagle to look at them as new members of the family instead of "dinner"!

You are welcome.

If it gets cold like 15 and under in the winter you may need some heat for them. I lost my JB hen to the cold when she went broody in January. This was many years ago like 12. I am in town now and in 2 weeks we run power to the coops even though all my current ones are cold hardy.

Enjoy them they are such cards.
Thanks ... I was wondering about heating. It doesn't often get into the teens here on the south shore of Long Island, but occasionally it does. I'll look into getting some sort of heating device for their coop once the kit arrives and I get it built. I am looking forward to getting to know their personalities more, but so far they seem to match their names pretty well ... Loretta is feisty and outgoing, Tammy is kind of shy, George drinks more than the rest, and Conway has that magnificent comb -- like the late Conway's awesome man-perm!

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