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    We have 3 chickens who have had swollen eyes. One is looking better, not swollen but still has a little bubbles in her eye. Our other 2 have one eye completely swelled shut. I opened their eyes and rinsed them out with lukewarm water. One of my chickens had a white mass in the corner of her eye. I pulled out a nice mass the color of a tooth. The next day I looked at her again thinking I had got it all but I can still see more under her eye lids. Trying to push up on it hasn't work so I haven't done anything else to her bc I don't wanna blind them. I have been using vet rx in their noses and roof of their mouths. All 3 are eating and drinking just fine. None are old enough to lay rggs quite yet. We have the 3 quarantined from the rest of our flock. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could b and what else I could do to help them? A trip to the vet has to be a last resort since we are a little tight on m/oney
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    I believe you are dealing with a respiratory disease. If there is a foul odor around the nostrils/ head area, it is infectious coryza. Otherwise I'd suspect mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG.) Here's a link to scroll through to check symptoms of what you have described:
    Ensure you keep them quarantined, it will spread to your flock. If you decide to treat and not cull, coryza can be treated with sulmet. MG can be treated with tylan, baytril. I recommend denegard. There is no withdrawal nor resistance. You can type "denegard" in the BYC search box and read up on it if you wish. Keep in mind that whichever CRD it is, they will aways remain carriers and the risk of spreading it will always be there. Drugs can treat the symptoms but not cure the disease.
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    It may be conjunctivitis which can be treated with antibiotics

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