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Hi, So I got my MPC Rainbow Pullet order on Wednesday and I finally had a chance to do a little 'photo shoot' today. I've got some of them identified but others have me guessing. I'm very happy with my order, they shipped a great variety. Plus I was supposed to get 50 and they shipped 52. Unfortunately, one passed away last night. She was a tiny little chick. The good news is the rest seem very healthy and are eating like crazy! (Pooping like crazy too!)

1. I'm pretty sure this is a Silver Spangled Hamburg unless someone tells me otherwise.

2. I've only got one of these, it is the same color as my leghorns but doesn't that look like a crest?

3. Not entirely sure what this is but she is all yellow, buff orpington maybe?:

4. White Leghorn, right?

5. Rhode Island Red?

6. I have a couple of these which started all yellow and now have brown in their wings:

7. Are these both brown leghorns??? I have a bunch of these. Some have brown strips, some have black strips and on some of them the white strip is brights than on others. (2 Pics, same chicks)


8. Easter Eggers? Ameraucana? Gold Wyanadotte? (2 pics, same chick)


9. White Crested Black Polish, I believe:

10. Barred Rock? (I hope, I've always wanted a barred rock and I only got one chick like this) (2 pics, same chick)


11. I also thought this what a white leghorn but now she has black feathers coming out on her wings. She also has feathered legs and 5 toes. I have a couple of these. (And she was not happy about the photo shoot!)

12. I also think this is a silver spangled hamburg but she is a lot more silver than the first picture so I thought I would double check.

Here are a couple of pictures of them all together for those who are curious:

Just home from the post office, still in their shipping box:



Any help is appreciated! Thank You!
I'm still trying to figure mine out and they are three weeks old. My guesses for yours:

1. Silver Spangled Hamburg
2. White Polish
3. Buff Orpington?
4. White leghorn or white rock
5. No clue
6. No clue
7. Brown leghorn, welsumer, or less likely, speckled sussex
8. Golden Campine
9. White crested black polish
10. No clue
11. Not sure, but only a few breeds have 5 toes
12. Silver Spangled Hamburg
Golden Campine, I never would have caught that! Thanks!

Yeah I've been trying to figure out which chickens have 5 toes. I know it's not a silke. My understanding (and I've been wrong before) is that Dorklings, Faverolle , Houdan, and Sultan???

Houdan's don't have feathered legs so thats out right?
I don't think MPC has Dorklings.
Sultan chicks would have more dark color?

So I'm leaning towards Salmon Faverolle for number 11.

I've very happy with the variety they shipped!
# 10 isn't a barred rock- maybe an australorp or jersey giant. She has black legs. A rock would have a spot on it's head, and more orange-yellow legs.
You sure got a lot of cute babies!
Agree with the last post about the possible barred rock being an australorp perhaps. My barred rock chicks were all black with just the little white dot of the top of the head.

So cute though, all of them!! You have an enviable collection of little beauties. What an incredible deal MPC has going on. Trying to figure out how to sneak 25 chicks into the basement without my landlord noticing.
I'm sure you can sneak them down there. After they get settled in they don't make too much noise.

I really wanted a barred rock but I think you guys are right. Oh well, I am still very happy with what I got! I was just looking at MPC and they sell Jersey Giants as baby chicks but I don't think they have Australorps (At least not now, only hatching eggs). I'll be happy with either. Thanks again for the help!

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