Need help incubating/brooding in central Arkansas


9 Years
May 9, 2010
Cabot, AR
It finally happened to me, dogs broke my solid wood gate open this morning and killed 12 of my 15 chickens. I have some fertile eggs in the fridge. I would love to try to either borrow an incubator, have someone incubate for me, or slip some of my eggs under someone's broody hen. If anyone can help me replace my hens with my own fertile eggs I would be so very grateful and willing to pay anyone who incubated for me. I live in the central Arkansas area, but could drive some distance for the chance to get babies from my own eggs. Thanks to anyone who can help me! I have read wonderful stories about BYC members help each other out...I hope someone can help me!
i just started incubating a group of eggs yesterday...i am just below texarkana...i have plenty of room in the incubator but....disclaimer this is my first attempt at incubating eggs with that being said you would be welcome to put some eggs in with mine ..another thing is coming out of the fridge i think the hatch rate is low some of the experts maybe can help us on that one....good luck in replacing your flock and sorry for your a p s i always shoot the stray dogs...
Thanks so much for your kind offer. My brother told me about a neighbor down the road who has chickens, etc. I am going to check with him today and see if he might have a broody.

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