*Need help, more ideas and advice on Breeder coop!!*

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    We just sold our house. [​IMG] Which is a good thing because that means we are moving to a place with more land and that means I get to build my dream "breeder" coop. Over the years of keeping chickens I have collected numerous hutches for my bantam breeds (Seramas, OEGB) and then I have a three section 50 foot long chicken house with two runs. One section isn't allow to a run. The reason for that is because the third portion was added afterward by putting a wall up allowing for another pen. My set up works for my breeding right now but it does get to be a pain during cleaning, moving birds etc. Not to mention the hutches are not the most attractive things.

    Anyways, here is what Im thinking I want in my new coop.

    About 5 sections with attached runs. (Not sure on dimensions yet.)
    Doors for each section.
    An indoor aisle
    Feed room/Incubator/Brooder room.

    My main goal is I want it to be nice, clean and organized. Mine is now but it constantly has to be cleaned because my feed is stored where my juveniles are growing out.

    Sooo I want PICTURES and advice! If any of you pro breeders have your coops to share PLEASE do!!!!

    Sorry to be long winded but any advice, tips, additions and pictures especially are welcome!


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