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Hi all, I'm new here and am having a really hard time finding a thermostat for my incubator... I made it out of a wine cooler, and had a water heater thermostat in it. The problem is that when the room temperature went down/up so did the inside temp... I've tried calling petsmart/petco and any reptile stores around, and no one carries them? Wondering what kind of thermostat I can use to help keep the temperature stable? I appriciate any help, thanks!
When the temp in your house rises so will your incubator. When you warm your house up it will warm your incubator up by the same amount of degrees as your house was warmed.
Hum, I just took some pictures of it, but not sure how to post pics... I'm in a hurry since eggs will be here TOMORROW!! and I can't get the temp right... hubby just ran to the store to get a new thermostat since he thought he'd open the one we have and see if he could tweak it... he ended up "breaking" it instead... I had it pretty close, so hopefully it'll have to work. I can't order anything online for this batch since it won't get here in time, so I'll have to keep a really close eye on it I guess...

hope this works... sorry it's dark, forgot the flash!
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