Need help on keeping my flock


Aug 11, 2016
Hi my im new the page but anyway. I got a letter from city of chandler saying I can't keep my chickens and that it's out of ordinance. My kids are devastated that we have to get rid of them and I have until the 15 to fix it. Does anybody know a way around it??? I have 6 of them over a yr and they are just now saying something.
Hi and welcome to BYC! I'm sorry to hear about that. Redsoxs gave you some great links, and hopefully the folks over at Chicken Laws and Ordinances will be able to help out. Thanks for joining us and best of luck!
Hello, mommieb03! Welcome to BYC! I am not in the city of Chandler area, so I wouldn't know what you could do. Maybe you could try the AZ. thread here at this site and ask your question there, as someone else might live there and know what you could do? I would suggest posting it here:
Good luck!

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