Need help!! One of my four new baby chiks died.


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Jun 30, 2016
We bought 4 chiks on July 8th. 2 Barred Rocks and 2 GLW. LAST night I noticed one of the BR not doing very well. Unfortunately, she didn't make it through the night. I'm going to change all of the beddding, water and food dishes, and I've placed the deceased chik in a tuber ware container because I read a post saying I should have a necropsy done. Is there anything else that needs to be done? Where and how much does a necropsy cost?We're new to raising chickens so all info is appreciated. Thanks for your help?
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Can you describe your brooder set up? What are you feeding? Are you checking for pasty butt? How old are the chicks? More info is needed. So sorry for your loss.
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I will post a pic of the set up. I was told that because we live in New Orleans, LA and it is so hot that we would not need a heat lamp and they should be fine under the car port as long as they weren't in direct sun. They are being fed medicated food which was bought from the local feed strore. Yes, my wife has been checking for pasty butt. She told me she had to clean the butt of the one that died two days ago. The other three appear to be doing fine. They are approx 1-2 weeks old


We added the light last night. WE figured with the recent cloudy days and rainy weather the temps haven't been hot enough. So unfortunate! We feel terrible
The best way to make sure your brooder is warm enough is to place a thermometer at the base of the brooder under the lamp. At the age of your chicks, their brooder temp should be around 90 degrees (you can decrease the temp by 5 degrees each week until they're fully feathered out). Too, if you have a large tote or even a large box with enclosed sides, I'd switch their brooder set up. You'll want something large enough where you can place the light at one end so if they're chilled the can get under the lamp or if they're too warm they can get out of the heat. Make sure, too, that your bulb isn't teflon coated. Best of luck.

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