Need Help Please! Incubator starting to smell on day 8?

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Quote:Oxine AH? Just looked it up on Google, never used it or seen it before can I find it at TSC or will I need to go to special animal vet supply?

I ordered mine through Amazon. It's 24.99. Of course free shipping doesn't kick in until you order $25, so if you could find something else you needed for a few bucks in order to get free shipping.

Alot of the poultry supply places carry it also. My TSC does not carry it.


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I think your fancy thermometer is lying to you. I went and read through your posts regarding your first hatch. Apparently using the thermometer that came with the incubator your hatch was right on time at 21 days. That would indicate to me that the thermometer that came with the 'bator is pretty darn close to right on. Possibly reading a tiny bit high as you had some hatch on day 22. Certainly not off by 4 or 5 degrees.


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Quote:I’m more then sure my fancy thermometer is lying to me. However I just finished candling found two eggs that had nasty black mass and stunk really badly. How about that the nose test works. Obviously removed the two stinky eggs, I’ll check again tomorrow to be certain I may not have missed any potential bad eggs. Regardless of the LG thermometers reading outrageously high it seems like the ACU-RITE thermometer / hygrometer is close enough to correct many of the eggs seem to have embryos with heart beats and little signs of movement. So I will proceed as planed with my Fathers day weekend hatching.


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Hey JP:)
We use two (2) digitals in the incubator. I figure they can't both be off, especially since they are different brands. One is a direct read that I keep visible in the window, the other an indoor/outdoor with the readout kept in sight. I gave up on the LG ones because it seemed to me that the tubes were glued onto the cards at different places so they didn't read the same. The same type at Walmart seemed to have the same fault.
I am also not a fanatic about keeping precise temperature/humidity. I like ranges and try to keep them 98-100 and 20% -30 % humidity the first 18 days, 65% for lockdown
We had a broody hatch this HOT weekend where the hens weren't even on the nest for half the time. Guess they figured 95 was hot enough to hatch eggs without them!
Having said all that... I still have lousy marans hatches and so did the broodies! The orps and banties did a lot better for us- all at 20-22 days depending upon breed.
Happy Father's Day hatch!

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