Need Help Please.. mean Muscovy duck beat on baby


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Jun 25, 2015
My muscovy duck had a nest of 19 plus eggs that was due around July 4.. To make a long story short the hatch did not go well. I kept checking on her and the nest and a week after due date I noticed a lot of flies around nest... So i scooted her off the nest and picked out many dead/rotten eggs. no idea what happened to them... there was about 4 eggs left that I thought looked light in color and didnt stink... She continued to sit on nest.. .One egg hatched just fine.. she took the little baby just fine...the other 3 was a different story... she beat the babies up.. literally walking on them . throwing them around..I saved them.. well the final egg I left in there and checked on it to get it out as soon as it started to hatch. I needed her to finish the incubation time.. she sat on the final egg and again.. started to beat on the egg.. I dont think I got to it fast enough... The baby is breathing. half in its egg half out.. kinda bloody but looks like a blood vein type bleed.that has clotted itself.. i put him imediately under heat lamp..lifeless but breathing... What else should I do? ANd why would she do this to the babies??? HELP
Hows your baby to be now? You'll probably want to wrap it in a moist paper towel so it doesn't dry out if its still alive.

As to why she beat the babies up, who knows what goes on in their heads. My theory when something like this happens, is they see the newly hatched babies as intruders and think they're going to harm the baby(ies) they decided to keep. I don't know how true that is, but I always rehome bad broodies. My experience has been that this is a vicious cycle that will repeat itself everytime they sit. I'm dealing with a bad chicken momma right now myself (this was her second attempt). Once she's broken of her broodiness, she'll be finding a new home. Sorry you had to experience a bad momma after all the waiting, its never a fun thing to deal with :hugs
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The baby is alive but not well. It is pretty beat up.. It moves its head. but not the rest of its body. It can only open one eye :(
and it has a big bubble/growth coming out its butt.. Like intestines or something. Im pretty sure its not gonna make it. Feel bad for the baby. Maybe this is why the mom was trying to rid of it?? never know. Maybe it knew of a birth defect. Not sure if it had this issue at birth or if the mom caused it... I will wait a little longer, But cant imagine it lasting much longer..
That is unabsorbed yolk, it came out too early. Keep it warm, and place it on a damp paper towel, that'll keep the yolk sac moist (to prevent it from sticking to anything and rupturing) and hopefully give it time to absorb the rest of the yolk. :fl for your little duckling!
Here is updated photos.. He is moving his legs, head and wings a little more now. and squeeking more. The sac is still the same. I am trying to keep a moist paper towel over the sac and I put a little ointment on it. I also put it in a little bowl because his siblings would not stay away from him.
It moving around is a good sign. Sometimes they don't finish absorbing it, and it dries up and falls off. You might try offering some sugar or honey water or NutriDrench if you have it on hand. I'm sure the little thing could use an energy boost.
Thank you I will try sugar water. Ive tried a little plain water on a spoon but he wouldnt open his beak..

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