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    Ive not been on since the BYC page changed the format so Im not sure how to retrieve answers.I REALLY NEED HELP with my RIRed.Im Not sure what is wrong with her.For the last few days she hasnt been herself.No obvious injuries,deformities etc. She is DRINKING~ALOT. She has liguid with no poo n a tinge of yellow in the liguid.(looks like bile~not yolk) She has been off to the side,staying away from other girls.She did eat a bit of feed.Tonight she wouldnt come in the coop so hubby picked her up n brought her inside.She continues to drink alot n has eaten more than 1/2 of a peeled apple.She is very qiuet n just isnt herself. HOW DO I CHECK FOR A STUCK EGG???If I lubricate my finger to check,how far? If I feel a egg,THEN WHAT??? do I do? Her name is "feisty" and isnt so feisty like normal.My girls are either in the coop or enclosed play yard area outside.No free range,nothing she could have gotten into.No new feed or treats.They all get h20 w/ACV in it.Safflower seeds n peeled/cored apple slices for treats n thats all.She is almost 2 yrs old..Not sure if this means anything but we lost 1 of her sisters abt 3 mos ago,no reason found for her death n last mos we lost our G.L.wyondotte,but she has cropp issues since we got her..IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD DO??? LOOK FOR???I was going to try n let her bottom sit in warm h20,should I put anything in the h20? Is that a good idea? Im not real good w/the anatomoy of a chicken but when I felt her underneath ,toward her bum on the bottom,it felt hard...could it be a egg? What happens if it is n she doesnt pass it n tries laying another egg? Pleeeeeeezzz help me~someone..Thank you so much
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    Let me suggest you use the Search function here on BYC.... Search for Egg-bound (Eggbound), and "treatment for eggbound".. also search "drinking lots of water".. "yellow liquid".. Seems I read another post with symptoms much like your RIR... and, not that I can remember, but it may be that your hen has had an egg break inside of her and has an infection from that. Peritonitis.. egg yolk peritonitis?? Search for that.. someone else may be sure, and be able to better advise, more accurate reply and help.

    It would be good or would have been good to separate her from the flock, to "bring her into a warm, quiet place".. Bring her indoors to do the Eggbound warm bath soak and the oiled (gloved? -- I don't glove.. 'poop' and dirt are why God made soap and water).... Anyway, just be careful and gentle when you do this.. if you read up on it first, do the search and read about how to... you will get the idea. You just don't want to break any egg you feel inside of her.. The warm bath, and the oiled finger generally stimulate them to poop or lay or both, immediately. If you have a small cage and can keep her inside in it, so that she is warm, she will be wet after the warm soak.

    If you use the search and find that it seems she may well have had an egg break inside of her.. you will want to start her on antibiotics -- you can get some water soluble Duramycin 10 (Tetracycline) at the feed store.. and add 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water.. if she is drinking on her own. Or.. also read up on "giving oral medications", or "giving water by dropper", etc.. you need to avoid the airway.. avoid the windpipe.. which is a small hole at the back of the tongue. You can usually just dropper water into the mouth, by the tongue and let them swallow it on their own. I would still do the egg-bound bath and oiled finger.. it can only soothe her and it will ease your mind if you know there is no egg stuck in her or if she lays. You can also make her some scrambled eggs, and mix some yogurt into them.. she will like that and may eat it on her own. Buttermilk is also a good pro-biotic, and you can mix it with a little water and the feed to make a mash she may eat on her own as well.

    Best of luck... really.. just use the Search here on BYC first.. and read up.. unfortunately, being eggbound can cause death, and so can having peritonitis from an egg breaking inside... so, you want to act quickly.

    I hope she recovers and I hope someone with more knowledge and more definitive help chimes in.

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