Need Help Quick!!! Wheezing hen!


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Aug 25, 2010
Please help, I have a 8 mo Buff Orp who is amazingly sweet
I just went out to let them range in the yard and noticed she was making a very strange noise, her beak is slightly open and she's wheezing, almost honking like a goose sometimes.
This came on very suddenly a few hours ago she was fine. The only things I can think of may be gapeworm or possible inhaling mold spores from a bag I added to the compost a little while before I noticed her symptoms.
I offered her a treat and she ate it fine, her comb is still bright, what could it be? There is not discharge from her eyes or nostrils.

Any ideas can be helpful.
I took her to the vet last night, they did xrays and looked down her throat, she seems to be totally clear.
Shes still wheezing and seems to almost be coughing every once in a while its a very odd honking sqeaking noise. I dewormed her with fenbendazole just in case it was gapeworms, but no improvement yet, the vet said to dose her 1 ml for 5 days. I also got Baytril in case its a resp. infection. Its very difficult to sit here and hear her wheezing in the other room. I could really use any suggestions, and little chicken prayers!
not really, just to try the antibiotics and the dewormer, and keep her inside and warm, and try to run some hot water and get the bathroom shes in nice and steamy to "nebulize".
A "honking, squeaking noise"? That sounds like my girls when they sneeze. They honk or squeak and sometimes shake their head. They usually do it when they have too much dirt or mucus in their nose. Sometimes, they'll do it several times in a row, too.
This is pretty intense heavy breathing, inter-mixed with sneezing. She seems to be slightly better, not trying so hard to breath ::knock on wood::. I really have a feeling its gapeworms. Shes eating, I had to give her some water with a pinch of sugar with an eye dropper this morning before she would even try food. And she laid a perfect egg, which to me seems like a good sign. Keep your fingers crossed for Buttons! Thanks!
Just an update. This morning she is quite alert and her breathing is pretty much normal, but she is arching her neck then shaking her head every once in awhile so I'm pretty sure its gapeworms! Super scarey! Hopefully the panacure will take care of it.

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