Need Help! Runt chick has fluid filled pocket


7 Years
Apr 15, 2012
Bath, NY Steuben County
Hi folks,

Really hoping someone here can help me. I have Brahma chicks about 6 weeks old. I have noticed that one of them was rather small compared to the others. It has always acted ok tho. I been noticing she doesnt seem to be growng like the others.... I got her out and looked her all over and found that on her chest she has a large swelling, or pocket, fluid filled!! I couldn't find where she had had a wound or anything.

Any ideas? And what should I do about it? Could this be why she isn't growing, should I break it open, are there antibiotics for chickens...? Anything please!!!!!

Thanks in advanced!!!!!
Before you panick, do a quick google search for Chicken Anatomy. Make sure you are not seeing the Crop, which is located fairly low on the neck and is where chickens digest thier food. When filled, it can feel soft, plyable, and fluidy. Also, if you havent already, check this same spot on yout other chickens. if not present on the others, it may just be that thier crops arent as full. If you are able to rule out the crop, I would avoid "popping" or "breaking" the area until you know more. Can you post a picture?

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