Need help selecting chickens...


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
Bostic, North Carolina
I am trying to start a new flock and I was wanting people out there to tell me what species is best at sitting on eggs. I want to have a variety of them all. I hope you will give me your thoughts on who is the best out there.
Silkies and Cochins are the most broody and therefore best at sitting but not good layers so you may want to mix it some laying hens as well. I have a bantum bearded silkie who has not started laying yet but they are notoriously the broodiest. I also have a bantum frizzled cochin and she is broody almost ever other month it seems recently.
Thanks I had a silkie once she hatched three random eggs. I also love frizzled cochins...I had one but it died at six months old...he was pecked to death by a blue jay. I really do not want to use an incubator because odds are better when it is natural.
I have never hatched any eggs because I am limited to a very few chickens in my area so I don't know anything about that.

My frizzled cochin is hilarious and has a lot of personality. I like her a lot. :)
I live out in the boonies of North Carolina so I can have as many as I want...I limit myself to about 50 or I am getting quail and peacocks as well so I will have a zoo yet again. I am a veterinary student so I am all about animals
I have hatchery pullets, and the black Australorp was the only one to go broody. No rooster here, so she mostly just sat on imaginary eggs for a few weeks. I frequently see BAs that are foster moms to folks who buy hatching eggs for them to raise.
Okay I will have to look at them...I had a Black Australorp she was mean as all get out I do not think I really want one, but I did not raise her a friend did so that might have been the parents want good egg producers, but I want some to hatch chicks so that the flock will grow and I have a biiger selection of chickens...

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