Need help! Sick Peachick


6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
I have a sick pea chick who is almost 2 months old. He has watery yellow poop, dropped wings, drowsiness, and is not very active. He's been like this since Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. He does eat a bit and he drinks water but he is loosing a lot of weight. I am not sure if he has coccidiosis or blackheads. I'm new with peafowl and this is my first time raising a peachick. I want to know what he has and how to treat his sickness.
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Treatment for blackhead is no less than 30mg/kg (30mg per 2.2 pounds) of metronidazole by mouth once a day for five days. You can buy metronidazole otc in the US as Fish-Zole (250mg) or Meditrich (100mg), but I doubt that you have enough time to wait for it to arrive. Best bet would be a trip to the vet to get some, or find pigeon breeder in you area, they use the same drug to treat Canker (Frounce).

If it is blackhead, you'll also need to de-worm with fenbendazole (Safeguard or Panacur, liquid or paste)

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