Need help...small baby bantam


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May 13, 2015
We have 6 baby bantams---4 silkies and 2 speckled sussux.  The Silkie's joined us last weekend and three of the four are doing well---they are growing, active, etc.  One seems to be a "runt" (do you use that term with chickens?).  It is definitely smaller.  I do see it eat, not as much as the others. We have had a little bit of pasty butt, but he looks OK back there (we have added probiotics to the water). Anything extra we can be doing to help aid this little one along?
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As long as its eating, drinking and active, I'd just let it be. I had 3 very small chicks from one of my last hatches. They're almost fully feathered, but they're SUPER tiny things. They're about 3.5 weeks old now (they moved to the big kid pen a few days ago), they're doing well and I haven't done anything special for them. They're still about the size of week old chicks though!
I've had quite a few of them throughout the years, sometimes they catch up and you can't even tell they were small, sometimes they don't.

I'd call them runts :D

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