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    Jun 24, 2008
    Hello Newbie crzychicken. I have five 9 week old chicks and this week I have 25 day olds arrive. I need to build a temp coop for the 25 chicks. I have a new 10x12 coop for all the chickens, but I need to wait until the new chicks are 6 or 7 weeks old then I will put the 5 that will be 14 or 15 weeks old and the 25 at 7 weeks together in the new coop, that way nobody owns the big coop before the other. How big does the temp coop need to be for 25 7week old chicks it will have a 8x8 enclosed run. The five I have now all ready have a temp home a old rabbit coop 4x5 and a 8x8 run also.

    1EE 2 comets 2 BG
    and more on the way.

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