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  1. almost 2 year old hen. RSL. started to act listless a few months ago. Going through a molt. stopped laying eggs. She has been loosing weight now and sits or stands around with her head drawn in and puffed up. She has really started to almost stop eating unless i scramble her some eggs (then she gobbles them down). drinks well still

    Poop is mostly water (clear) with a littl bit of funky green really smelly in it. poo smells really rancid. I wondered a month or so back if she had something blocking her up. She has no fever to speak of, color is not really bad as far as comb and wattles. She still goes out with the rest of the girls, but pretty much just stands around by herself hunched up. I picked her up tonight to check for mites or something else, and she is just skin and bones. I got some eggs down her with some poultry drench. I have lost another hen last year to something really much like this. I do no see how she can go on much longer. I think I am going to loose her and am not sure what to do or treat her with.

    Any ideas guys? I am stuck on this. I did go ahead and treat with Alban in the water for Cocci. My vet had given me some last year for a pullet with cocci. She had seemed to act this way as well. That hen got better.

    I did also worm the other day with Valbazene.
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    Isolate her for sure

    Put sugar in the water

    Use some Vita Sol a liquid vitamin

    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

    I would put a high protein diet together for her everyday to get her back on her feet

    Best of luck to both of you.
  3. can an older hen get cocci still? or is it chicks only.
  4. update**

    Took fecal sample to vet yesterday. poo is 90% clear water with a little bit of solids. We are treating with Albon directly, and then the rest of the girls with Albon in water. This seems to be what my earlier Cochin had last fall and it cured it quick. The vet did not seem to see any Cocci, but the sample was so small that he really couldn't tell.

    Cross our fingers and say a prayer to save my Mary. She seemed to have more strength today, but i gave her a good shot of Nutridrench yesterday as well and a lot of scrambled eggs. She was out freeranging and chowing down on worms and slugs galore. She was very tired and slept under a heat lamp all night.
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    last week i lost a 7 mo pullet who woke up in the morning and stood around all puffed up and very sleepy. died quickly. is that what yours was like? i have had hens for years but this year nothing seems to be going right already. thanks
  6. no, not at all. She has been going downhill for a month or two actually. I have had a bout of Cocci with another hen that was 14 weeks old. She had had it from about 3 days old i think. I thought it was supposed to hit them quickly, but it didnt seem to at all. When i took a stool sample to the vet at week 13 or so, he let me work with him on the microscope to identify stuff. We did find evidence of the cocci bact. I immediatly started on the Albon and she was fine in a week. I felt bad, because I had waited so long to treat her. She is now happy, fat, and has tons of energy.

    Mary, the hen doing this has gotten a little worse and loosing weight slowly. not quick and all at once.

    As of today, she was picking for worms all over my yard. Still hunched up a little, and cold, and comb and wattle not quite right color, but i think i see an improvement in two days on the Albon what ever it is/was.

    I have never seen a sickness like this as well. Maybe i have just been lucky.
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  7. day 3 on the Albon for Cocci, she is doing better.eating broccoli out of my hand today! eyes look a little more bright and cheery. still slow and hunched a little bit, but defiitly better. [​IMG]

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