Need help, too bizzare to be made up


12 Years
Apr 25, 2007
Reader Digest version; Dad died last week, Mom won't move North to be by me until she sells house. Had a woman sign letter of intent to buy, deposit check; next AM stopped payment on check. If anyone knows someone who wants to live in southern KY (20 miles from Dale Hollow State park) on 10+ acres in brick ranch house, contact me. Realtors haven't returned phone calls, very laid back. In Indiana, we'd be inundated w/realtors. Pictures on request. As I said, too bizarre to be made up.
Wow. I sure hope things work out for you. Good luck with all that and keep in mind that this too shall pass and life will settle down again.
More info about the house and condition please.

energy items if any (ie dual pane windows)
heat source
cooling source
Square footage of dwelling
outbuildings if any
overall condition
List needed repairs if any
terrain...flat, hilly mountainous, etc
any liens?
10 AC surrounded by what??

oh, and exact location, please
So sorry to hear about your dad. ***Hugs*** and yes, give us more specifics. We are actually looking for a small property in in-laws live there and we were wanting something not to close to them but close enough for a day drive.
depends on how fast/type of payment; price will not be a factor

I can email picture as I don't understand how to add pictures here.......
I want to apologize most sincerely for perhaps seeming insensitive to the passing of your father, Seed. I didn't mean to be. I cannot imagine how sad it must be to lose a family member; and especially how sad it must be for your mom. Sending you heartfelt sympathies should have been first order. I am sending them to you now.

My father is my best friend. Unfortunately, I live in CA and he lives in Kentucky, hence my excitement. It has been a long time since we've seen each other, tho we talk on the phone several times a week. He's 85.

Thank you for the information you have supplied. I would love to see some pictures. I can provide my email address if you send me a PM. Maybe posting pictures there might be easier for you.

Thanks again, and I hope your mom will be able to settle in nicely with you in Indiana.

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