need help - transporting chickens coast to coast (if possible)


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
hi, my family is moving and we have over 30 chickens and it possible to travel 4 days, basically from one coast to the other with all the chickens/roosters? and if so, what is the best way to do that, and acclimate them to the new area if that is possible...thanks!
I have never done that, but you might try a haorse trailer..maybe? it would need to be transformed into a moble chicken coop though. also if you had a pick up with a shell that you would be willing to get it all dirty. Thats all i got.
When I hauled my birds and goat from PA to IN, I put em in the back of a truck with a cap on it. That was only an 8 hour drive thou.
I've never had 30 chickens before. But I did crate and cage 18 chickens in preparation for a hurricane coming up the coast years ago that blew on by and missed us. The biggest issue was matching the hens with the ones they got along with. I did alot of shifting hens from one cage to another to get the best matchups, kinda time consuming. In the end, it all worked out with no further problems. I had them caged/crated for 2.5 days straight, changed the newspapers in the cages 3 times a day. I had plenty of old newspapers saved up just for this purpose. I had a full 50 pound sack of feed loaded up in the truck with 10 gallons of water. Feeders and waterers were all 1 quart empty milk and juice plastic containers.
In your case an enclosed trailer would work with your flock...but they'll need ventilation. When you reach your destination, you could always power wash it out at a car wash.
I had more then 30 chickens in the back of our truck on my trip. I had chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas and a goat, all in the bed of a Mazda pickup. I found out later that hauliing the goat cross state lines without vet papers was illegal. Thankfully I didnt get caught. When I stopped at the rest stop to use the rest room and get a bite to eat, the roos would start to crow and the ducks and geese started to make noise, I had all kinds of people looking at me like I was some kind of hill billy or freek. There was a little boy wanting to see the animals, his mom grabbed him by the arm and told him to get away from that crazy person and drug him off. I wasnt sure what to think at the time. I gusee to the city folk, I was a crazy person. hehehhe
from Ohio. It can be done with some planning. A pickup with a cap would be best. You could just put shavings in the bed of the truck. The only problem will be getting them to drink in a moving vehicle. Tomatoes and watermelon would be a good choice for them but you are going to have to take long breaks. So here is the other problem. Some states do not allow the transport of animals without proper documentation. Lastly, how old are the chickens and are they really worth the trouble you will be putting yourself in. Sorry to be so blunt, but unless they are really worth it, I would try to find good homes for them. Good luck
hi everyone and thanks so much for your info!!! so the deal is yes, they are pets, free ranging and of course putting themselves to bed (sometimes a little reluctant), and some are a few years old all less then 10 years old, some are just getting to their first year...(had late babies in 2010)...roosters are hard to place, at least out of course i worry about them...they all get along here especially now that we have a good hen population for them...i know they are just chickens oh and guinea hens...forgot to mention them, 2 left about 5 years or so.., but....we also have goats, 11 and 4 (or 5) and a 15 year old llama...we are a mini rescue farm here so they are extra special to us...i am a bit nervous about the trip for the older guys and we are looking into a climate controlled horse trailer, but taking longer to go across would be challenging as we are also full time caretakers of an 83 year old parent....i read somewhere about something to give to goats to help supplement the stress, is there also something i should be doing for the chickens? like the tomatoe and watermelon idea, that is great! thanks all for your help, i will keep checking back...

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