Need help. Trying to save eggs!


May 11, 2015
Outside work we all noticed a dead mama duck. She had 12 eggs. I took them home as I have a heat lamp as we are raising baby chicks. I peaked inside one egg and saw a solid baby shape with fur and a white section. Not sure how old the eggs are but they look far along. Not sure if they're alive as it was 60ish today. I have them under-to the left (as directly under seemed maybe too hot) under the chicks heat lamp. I'm hoping they'll survive if they're not already dead. Any and all advice is welcome! How do I know if it's warm enough?! I ordered a thermometer but it won't come for two days and if they're 22-25 weeks it's not worth the incubator. Can I make them survive under my heat lamp?
this might help
I also read that it is possible to hatch under a heat lamp tho the odds are slim. I would put the eggs directly under the lamp and put a towel over the egg bc I have heard too much light is bad and constantly apply water for the humidity levels.
Can you go to a feed store or farm supply store and get an incubator? Cheapest usually run around $50.
I read somewhere to sprinkle water and put plastic wrap over to make it humid..? Is this a bad idea?
If you apply plastic wrap the wrap might melt to the egg which will likely give the duckling a hard time getting out. So basically just try and get the humidity high no matter what it takes since it is a crucial part of the eggs survival.

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