Need help with 5 gallon bucket waterer.


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Apr 23, 2016
I have a 5 gallon bucket with the side nipples. We have it in a block but it is not high enough. How do you get yours up high enough? Thought about stacking blocks but am afraid it might fall over. Don't really want to hang it in case the handle breaks. We have 6 chickens (3 isa browns and 3 white leghorns) we got them on April 22 2016 from Tractor Supply. Any help would be appreciated.


Jul 7, 2016
Mine is hung from the ceiling of the coop, it is about a foot (a little more) off the ground. It's not too likley the handle will break.


8 Years
Common cinder/concrete blocks are 8", two cinder blocks capped with an 16" square paver brick should get your nipples to about one foot...

Solid cinder/concrete blocks are plenty heavy as to not tip over, and if you are concerned you can get a tube of brick adhesive and glue them all together...

If you want to go higher, there are 4" tall solid cinder/concrete blocks as well that could be used, just stagger the pattern with each layer...

If you look at my 55 gallon waterer bellow, it's sitting on two layers of solid cinder/concrete blocks in a staggered pattern with the 16" square paver brick on top, it's rock solid and doesn't move...


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