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I am a preschool science teacher, and we are planning on incubating some eggs. I had someone who had agreed to donate a bunch of eggs for us to use, but they were supposed to be in the incubator today and I have still not heard from him! He may still call me, but as all of my preschool classes, and my son's kindergarten class and and my mother-in-law's first graders are all counting on this, I am starting to panic!

We did this a few years ago and I bought the eggs, but my budget this year is MUCH smaller, so I am pretty much looking for free (or very cheap!) eggs. I cannot keep the chickens, so I will be glad to turn around and give whatever chicks come from this hatch, right back to whomever donates, if that's what you want. Or I have someone else who has the space, who would love to give them a home. I will be glad to come to you to pick them up, and I do not care what type of eggs they are as long as they are fertile and chicken-y (mutt eggs or a mix are fine. a mix would even be preferred so the two older classes can graph egg and chick colors!).

Is there anyone who would be willing to donate a dozen or so eggs (or several someones who would be willing to donate 2 or 3)? I'll take good care of them - promise!

Thanks for helping this panicking teacher!
If only I still had my coturnix quails...they aren't chickens but it's the same idea. They are the kind of birds that you could've kept when they hatched since they are very small. If you can't get chicken eggs research and consider button quails. The kids can't hold them when there still chicks but they can be kept so they can watch them grow. Once there big they can be held but they would have to be carefully watched. They smaller than a can of soda and caqn be kept in a cage. We did them in my class last year. My teacher still has them and they even lay eggs. look them up it's a better plan than trying to find homes for the chickens. It would also be a little cheaper than chicken eggs.



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thanks for the thought - I may try those in the future! For this year, though, we've already talked about the life cycle of chickens, and made our posters to count down the days until chicks...

but I will certainly do some research on quails - they sound fun!
If you would let me experiment with shipping eggs as well. I have never shipped eggs before. I am not sure about shipping cost, but I can check it out Monday or Tuesday. I will send what I can (anywhere between 1-3 doz) Asking at least whatever it takes for shipping and supplies, If you will let me know how good of condition they will arrive. I have two pens both have 3 roosters each. One has 10 hens and the other has 11 hens. I have had great success with hatching out of both pens. One pen is crosses and the other is pure. But they originated from hatchery stock. Shipping cost I'm guessing would be from $8-$15 but like I said I would have to check into it. But that might be too long of a wait for you. Just let me know.
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Jean, I am in Georgia too, Didnt google how far though. I have mutts babies if youre interested... I know they are fertile because I have them in the bator as we speak.. were on day 14!
You can see photos of my birds on my page... I could also throw in some Sizzles eggs as they have started laying! Let me know! or give me a call (Ill PM you my number!)


Edit to add: I am 2 hours from you and could meet you half way.. although I would have to start collecting for you in the morning (we eat our eggs, sorry
) but I wouldnt charge you a thing and if you wanted to give the babies back that is fine (or find homes for them!)
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jeslewmazer, thanks for the offer, but I really need to get them in this weekend if at all possible...

Ashley, how long do you think it would take for you to collect a dozen or so? I didn't get your number, but I'll send you mine... Thanks!

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