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I need some help..I have a sick lady. just over 2 weeks ago I noticed she wasn't looking herself so brought her in, saw an adult roundworm come out on poo. Put wazine17 in water for a day as directed. Not sure how much she drank. Kept her in with me a few more days and saw some improvement. She rejoined my flock of 17 outdoors. I re-treated everyone with the wazine17 a second time 12 days after 1st dose. About a week passed and I noticed she was droopy again and limping a little and appears to be panting to breath occasionally. So, in she came... I dosed her (4 drops from syringe) with pour on ivermectin. Again, seemed considerably better in 2days. Last night, she did not want to roost and is back indoors with me. She has definitely lost weight during this process and am concerned she's not getting enough water and food intake. She did eat a little sweet potato, milk & cracked corn but seems very week, only stands for a few minutes at a time. Poo is runny whitish yellow with a little bit of green clumps. Do you think I need to keep worming her, tube feed, treat with an antibiotic, ... ???? Her name is Bonnie and super sweet! No vets around here see chickens...Bonnie & I need some help! Thanks!


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I would start by worming her again with a wormer that kills more kinds of worms. Wazine only gets roundworms, ivermectin is no longer effective against worms in chickens. I've had good luck using Safeguard. I gave a pea-sized bit of paste in a piece of bread, but understand that a more carefully measured dose is better. You can search threads for more info on dosing. Feed her some buttermilk or probiotics afterwards, along with scrambled eggs for protein, then keep her on a high quality feed. If she's not better after worming, reevaluate and go from there. Good luck!


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Safeguard paste or liquid one would give the same amount. For example, if you would normally give 1/2 cc liquid, 1/2 cc of paste is the same.

FYI, Safeguard and Panacur are the same.

From left to right:
Small Pea = 10mg ( .1cc) = enough for a 200 gram (7 ounce) bird at 50mg/kg
Medium Pea= 25mg (.25cc) = enough for a 500 gram (17 ounce) bird at 50mg/kg
Large Pea = 50mg ( .5cc) = enough for a 1000 gram (35 ounce) bird at 50mg/kg
50 mg/kg is what my vets recommended.

Weighed empty 6cc (ml) syringe

Filled with Panacur 10% paste and weighed. Difference is 6 grams, so 6 grams = 6cc's (ml)


Edited to add these:


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