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Jan 11, 2011
I have broody hen that had only 1 of 6 chicks. The chick is 2 + weeks old, fury, and healthy. Momma has been a great Mom, but today she is wanting out of the 2x2x6 ft cage in the run. She is squakin and scratchin, and is steppin on the chick. I took her out briefly, and all she wanted was to get back in with her chick again, and the chick wanted Mommas as well, but did the same thing when back in. I have 9 other hens and a roo in the run. She appears to have cabin fever. I am concerned about her hurting the chick. She is scrtching and sometimes gets the chick. My question is: Can I let them out in the run? Put em back up in the evening? Greatly appreciate your help.. Richard
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