Need help with BREED of rooster!!!


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Do you think breed makes any difference in temperment amoung roo's? I have a barred rock roo that is FEROCIOUS! I have to get rid of him, as he won't let any of us in the coop! I am though, hoping to have another rooster in the hopes that one day, I'll see a chicken raise her own babies
. As I am ordering spring chicks, and hoping to order another roo, which breed should I go with in hopes he'll be more sweet??
Breed can play a part, but there are sweet and nasty roo's in every breed. Best bet is to adopt an older roo that someone is rehoming, and the temperment has already been established! If you live in the New England area, I have a really sweet blue laced red wyandotte who needs a good home... hes a cuddlebug!

Good Luck on your hunt!
I've had mean roosters also. Mean ones were: Seabright, BBR Old English bantam. Nice roosters were: Black australorp, OE Game Standard.
Every rooster is an individual. Its going to be real hard to predict the outcome. Good luck. Maybe someone else can help you.
could i get a silkie pair? mix them with my hens? hope my silkie hen goes broody??
high hopes i know.... but i've heard silkie roos are sweet....
It usually depends on how the boy is raised, but that makes no difference on my farm. I've raised all with plenty of TLC and they still go after me. I've had trouble with my Silkie, d'Uccle, and Polish X d'Uccle. However, the only roo I've had that I've fallen in love with was my Sultan who sadly just passed away. He would give cuddles and come running to me and was just the sweetest thing! You wouldn't be misled with them.
I love my silkie roo! He is not show quality - just a pet - but we love him. He seems to have mild roo children also. We free range and try to keep up with eggs, but occasionally someone is very stealthy
So far none of his offspring have been aggressive either.
Ameraucana roos are usually sweet and good protectors. Not EE roos, they are usually mixed so you never know what you are getting. I also agree with the Favorelle roos. They are nice and you can have 2 or 3 roos in a coop together, so multiple protectors..
it all depends. i hear alot of people saying that silkies are great and well tempered, but there are some cases where your silkie roo is the spawn of demons. i had one a few years back (may he rest in peace) who acted jsut as you say yor barred rock is acting.

i've had cuckoo marans, and they seem pretty calm, but there are alot of factos involved in the temperament of roos. as was said, there are breeds who tend to be gentle, but even then you can get a "bad" roo.

i would recommend getting an older one from someone, or possibly buy one from a feed store and raise it almost as you would a house pet.

i dunno, if i still had my cuckoo maran roo (who was a sweetie) i would trade you. i love barred rocks, even if they are nasty.

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