need help with byc

Your best bet is to subscribe to the topic, on the bottom left.
Or, up top in the blue bar, go in profile, and that will lead to all of your activity.
Good luck, and
If you go to the top and click profile it will go to the essentials page. At the bottom it will say all posts. There you will see all the posts you have ever made.
At the bottom left of the Index page, there are 4 links:
>Show recent posts
>Show unanswered posts
>Show your subscribed topics
>Show your posts

If you click the last one, you will get a list of all the threads you have ever posted on. Hope this helps.

And welcome to BYC!
Click on the Recent post. Go all the way to the bottom. Click "show your post". Thats it. Welcome
to BYC.
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