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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by countrylife13, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Jan 22, 2014
    My duck got her leg caught in a nesting box, it was wedged and I am not sure how long it was wedged. The ducks were locked in their coop for the night and in the morning I let them out and her leg was wedged. I got her loose and it appeared that the circulation was cut off, discolored, was very cold. It is about 15 degrees here. She let me pick her up and I put her into a different coop with no other birds. She scooted herself with her wings and cannot walk. Her leg doesnt appear broken, I moved it for her back and forth. Some color has returned to her foot, but not fully. She has kind of nested herself in straw and is keeping her foot warm. but is breathing kind of heavily. I dont want her to suffer, but if she can recover...that is obviously what I want. What should I do? I was thinking bringing her in and putting her in a cold bath so she can attempt to move it around and maybe help with returning feeling to her foot. I also dont want her vent to clog and cause her to die that way. Help?
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    I'd say a warm bath would be better and keep her in till she has full use of her leg again, but it will be hard to acclimate her to the out of doors again especially in the temps we all are having. Does there look like swelling going on in the leg? can you get some animal liniment?Ii got some at my feed store to use on my duck when she got her leg injured. I just rubbed it in, also massaging her leg my help to bring back circulation The liniment I bought is called ABSORBINE Veterinary Liniment Gel Topical Analgesic. you might could also use just some heat to the leg also by wrapping her in a towel and applying a warm towel that's been heated in the dryer, may help bring back circulation quicker. I'm not a vet all I can do is tell you what i would do if she was mine. If you can afford it you might consider a vet also, but i will say ducks can come back from horendous injuries so don't give up on her too quick maybe just a few days rest with nice soft bedding and maybe 1 friend to keep her company might be all it takes. The heavy breathing could be pain so keep an eye on her. making sure she doesn't try to run or walk too much.
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    I would go with lukewarm baths deep enough to float in, some Epsom salt compresses, light massage, and time in sick bay.

    Miss Lydia's suggestion sounds good to me, also not a vet.

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