Need help with identifying worms. Note: pics included

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    Jun 21, 2013
    Need help with identifying worms. We have a small (16 hens currently) flock of free range chickens. I have one barred rock who is increasingly weak and losing weight. I am not sure if she will make it through the night. Upon inspection this evening she has bad worms all over/in her vent, plus mites (I believe). A few of the other chicken have mites as well. I treated all of the chickens for lice and mites today with a thorough cleaning of the coop (including soap and water, DE, and a "Poultry Protector" all natural spray for the coop and the chickens themselves. We try and stay as natural as possible as we sell our eggs, but am willing to go the chemical rout (obviously losing the eggs for a period of time) if necessary. Here are a couple of pics (thanks for being willing to look at this) of the sick barred rock's vent.


    I know there are several types of worms and not all worming medications are the same. I have Wazine but am not sure if that is what I should use. Can someone identify these worms?

    Thanks so much!
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    Cant help on the worm identification, but most proprietary de-wormers are broad spectrum ones, so i would imagine that wazine would do the trick. It seems like treating your flock for both worms and mites is somewhat urgent - i would also suggest adding vitamins / electrolytes to their drinking water to help them out a bit.

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    I see that you have another thread, and that you are now treating for maggots and fly strike. Let us know how she is getting along, and I would make sure to check any others who have soiled vents. Dirty vents attract flies and fly strike. Many hens need excess feathers trimmed around vents to prevent loose droppings from collecting.

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